Potential sponsors gathered at Plumber's Hall in Chicago through the invitation of host, James Coyne for a wonderful new concert program for broadcast on PBS in partnership with The Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago.

The concert will feature acclaimed Irish Tenor, Paddy Homan together with The City Lights Orchestra and will be filmed live at the historic Old Saint Patrick's Church in Chicago. The concert was conceived and created by Paddy Homan and is titled: I AM IRELAND.
This concert follows the history of Ireland from 1798 - 1916 in story and in song.  But this is not just the story of Ireland.  This is the story of all freedom-loving people who appreciate the struggle it has taken to gain independence. Senator Billy Lawless is one of the concert co-chairs and is the first Senator for the Irish Diaspora representing the Irish overseas and living in Chicago:
"I'm delighted to highlight the I AM IRELAND concert and lend my support to a unique opportunity to tell the story of Ireland's road to Independence from 1798 to 1916. This once in a lifetime production plans to debut for the first time in Chicago at the historic Old St. Pat's Church. During Ireland's turbulent past the Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago welcomed a host of Irish leaders to America, as they sought support for Ireland's cause. No country did more for the cause of Irish freedom than America and it is only fitting that Chicago will be the setting for this wonderful show." - SENATOR BILLY LAWLESS

I Am Ireland Sponsorship Overview

I Am Ireland Audience Projection

WTTW Letter of Support

Paddy Homan I Am Ireland Website
Some of the folks in attendance are pictured here:

Devon Bruce
Jim Coyne
Kevin Flood
Commissioner Bridget Gainer
Jack Hartman
Senator Billy Lawless
Eileen Mitchell
Peter O'Brien

Enda Kenny, former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland
The Irish Fellowship Club Foundation will have total control over the revenue we generate for this project. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible up to the full extent of the law. Neither Paddy Homan nor Rich Daniels will receive any fees or wages for their services.   
We would be very grateful for your consideration and support of this wonderful new production. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I'm delighted to offer more insight as to what we are hoping to accomplish.
Rich Daniels
Musical Director
The City Lights Orchestra
20th Century Fox TV / EMPIRE